Corporate medical services

Medcall is a full-service collaborative partner within healthcare.

Your clinic will be manned by our dedicated and reliable healthcare team. We manage patient cases of corporate employees  end-to-end 一 from diagnosis, to laboratory test compliance, to the monitoring of the patients post-treatment.

We offer face-to-face consultations and treatment as well as distance consultations and treatment, e.g. by video and telephone. Our services cover all steps in the process from setting up a case through coordination of the treatment to payment of invoices and, naturally, measuring the effectiveness of the treatment as well as customer satisfaction.

It has become increasingly difficult for staff and employers to arrange time away from work to see a doctor for minor illnesses or for other non-urgent medical advice.

The company doctor is a traditional and popular way of providing employees with access to regular doctor consultations while at work. Medcall provides an on-site private doctor service where one of our experienced private doctors can visit your company to run regular in-house private GP clinic sessions.

Our on-site medical personnel are supported and managed by our global infrastructure and resources and receive continuous medical education, coaching and training. Physicians, nurses, medics and occupational and public health experts.