Medical Second Opinion

Our independent second medical opinion service offers a full review of your diagnosis and treatment plan, to make sure you’re doing what’s right for you.
Whether you have unanswered questions, or you need some reassurance, it can be invaluable to double check with another medical expert. A doctor will manage the whole process, offering support and answering any questions you or your employees may have.
Medical second opinion can be by phone or video online with our medical consulting.
What can you use the service for?
With all our cover levels, you can get a second medical opinion on your diagnosis or treatment, whether it’s for a minor injury or a serious surgical procedure.
Here are a just a few examples of questions you might have:

What does my diagnosis mean?
Are there alternative treatments?
Will I need time off work? 

Even if you’re confident that you’ve got the right treatment plan for you, maybe you’ve got a few medical questions or things you’d like to know more about. The second medical opinion service can help with all of this, to make you feel more comfortable and reassured.