Telemedicine Services

Patients can use our telemedicine services on demand 24/7 with our GPs or book appointments within hours with our international network of specialists and consultants in different medical fields.

The development and implementation of information and communication technology are creating new and different ways for practicing medicine. Telemedicine is used for patients who cannot see an appropriate physician timeously because of inaccessibility due to distance, physical disability, employment, family commitments (including caring for others), patients’ cost and physician schedules.

Face-to-face consultation between physician and patient remains the gold standard of clinical care.
Medcall ensures that patient confidentiality, privacy and data integrity are not compromised. Data obtained during a telemedicine consultation are secured.

Telemedicine is employed primarily in situations in which a physician cannot be physically present within a safe and acceptable time period. It is also used in the management of chronic conditions or follow-up after initial treatment where it has been proven to be safe and effective.